Offshore wind power plant projects company launched

In line with its active investments in renewable energy, Achemos Grupė has founded Smeltės Vėjų Jėgainės, a company dedicated to implementing offshore wind energy projects. The new business will be run by Paulius Petraška, who has previously held a managerial position in Renerga, another group company that operates 117.5 MW wind power plant parks in Lithuania and abroad.

‘We believe that the years of the group companies’ successful experience in energy and other industrial fields, such as engineering, repairs, and port logistics, as well as the large amounts we have earmarked for future investment will contribute to a faster expansion of green energy in Lithuania. We have been pursuing this course of action, which is critical to Achemos Grupė and to the country in general, for 24 years already, and have future plans that probably extend beyond that period. We are already having meetings with potential partners and investors and gathering a team that will be able to implement our projects in reliance on best practice and experience,’ said Nerius Jasinavičius, member of Achemos Grupė’s Board.

It has been previously announced that Renerga was among the first in Lithuania to have carried out, in 2012–2015, a feasibility study for the installation of wind power plants in the territorial waters of the Republic of Lithuania at the Baltic Sea and the exclusive economic zone and an environmental impact assessment (EIA) under the legislation then in effect. However, as a result of the 2017 enactment of the amendment to the Law on Renewable Sources of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania whereby EIA and public health impact assessment could only be performed by an institution mandated by the government, the company had to put its plans on hold.

After the government adopted resolutions necessary for the development of offshore wind energy in June this year, Achemos Grupė resumed its project. The group’s plans include investing into a wind power plant park at the Baltic Sea. There are also plans to build a wind power plant component factory in Klaipėda. The group is considering engaging in engineering and technological maintenance of parks of land-based and offshore wind power plants operating at the Baltic Sea. Setting up the new company was just one step towards implementing these plans.

‘Renewable energy is a consistent direction of Achemos Grupė’s development, one that focuses on the implementation of new manufacturing and operational projects in Lithuania, expansion in Central and Western Europe. Our long-term goal is to generate enough energy from renewable sources so we can both satisfy the needs of the group’s companies and are able to supply it to other users,’ said Mr Jasinavičius.

Last year, the group’s renewable energy companies produced 162.4 thousand MWh of green energy in Lithuania, and another 144.5 thousand MWh abroad.

Achemos Grupė controls more than 50 companies in Lithuania and abroad operating in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and Croatia.