Fertilizer production and trade

Fertilizer production and agribusiness is the largest area of activity of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ, including the production and sale of liquid and bulk fertilizers, as well as trade in products and services for agricultural companies.

AB Achema is the largest manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers in the Baltic countries and one of the largest Lithuanian exporters.

Operating in France, SARL Litfert imports granulated and liquid fertilizers manufactured by AB Achema and other producers to France, Benelux, and Spain.

Agro Baltic GmbH, a company established in Germany, is engaged in trade in granulated and liquid fertilizers (UAN) and their blends on German, Danish, Austrian and Dutch markets.

Sp.z.o.o. AGT is the subsidiary of Agro Baltic GmbH operating in Poland.

Operating in Poland, Liteximp Prostki engages in the sales of granulated fertilizers and other products of AB Achema and other producers intended for agriculture and industry in the Polish market.

Fertigent is the operator of a liquid fertilizer (UAN) terminal in Ghent (Belgium).