Management rules of Candidates’ personal data

Dear Candidates,

We provide you this information in order to clearly inform you of the data management carried out after your application for a vacancy at the UAB group ACHEMOS GRUPĖ (further – Group) and submission of the curriculum vitae and documents along with it (if such submitted), data and information contained, as well as data and information received during the candidate selection process.

We inform you that the data and information received from your resume and the documents along with it (if such are submitted) and contained in them, as well as that which is received during the candidate selection process (interviews, tests), will only be managed for the purpose of candidate selection for the vacancy in the Group. For this purpose, the Group can contact your previous employer in order to clarify your qualification, professional capabilities, and formal characteristics. The current employer can only be contacted by the Group with your consent. It is also worth mentioning that the publicly available data about a candidate can also be collected but only in as much and in such scope that this personal data is directly necessary and relevant to the position and functions of the vacancy that the candidate is applying for.

1. Data manager – UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ, headquarters Vykinto 14, Vilnius, email:

2. Data protection officer contacts – E-mail, phone No. 8 612 22646.

3. Data management purposes. The management purpose of the aforementioned data – search and selection of suitable qualification of a candidate for a vacancy.

4. Legal grounds for data management. Legal grounds for your personal data management – Group’s legal interest to perform the selection of employees in order to employ a person of suitable qualifications, abilities, and characteristics.

5. Personal data recipients that your personal data can be given to:

5.1. Data managers that perform certain jobs and supply services to the Group (intermediaries that manage data to create and administrate contracts with clients, IT companies that manage data, ensuring the creation of information systems, improvement, and support; companies that ensure the sending of notifications to clients, supply security and other services, including judicial, financial, tax, business management, personnel administration, accounting services);

5.2. courts and law-enforcement or public authorities, to the extent that such provision is required by legislation (e.g.: bailiffs, courts, etc.);

5.3. To subsidiary companies of the Group;

5.4. Other cases on the basis of legal acts;

5.5. Other natural persons, with the Data Person’s consent, provided that said consent has been obtained for the specific case.

In the case of a data recipient from outside the European Economic Area appears on this list of data receivers, the personal data is given only to the countries confirmed by the Commission as having an adequate data protection level or to the countries to which the Regulation Article 46 2P. Or 3p., 49 Article 1P applies. Set protection tools are applied which you have an opportunity to become familiarised with using the contacts mentioned in the 1st and 2nd points.

6. Rights of data subjects, we inform you that you have these rights: the right to request being familiarised with your personal data and to correct or delete them, the right to limit data management, the right to refuse the management of your personal data as well as the right to the transferability of personal data. These rights can be enforced through the process specified in legal acts.

Requests to the Group for the implementation of rights must be submitted in written form (including the digital format) and it must also be possible to identify the identities of the person that submitted it and of the Data subject. The identity of the Data subject is confirmed by the identification document or electronic communication tools that allow one to identify a person. If the Data subject sends the request by mail or courier, a copy of the personal identification document should be attached as stated in the defined procedure in legal acts. When a representative requests information about a person, they need to submit a document confirming the representation and personal identification documents of the document subject and representative, if there are no other convenient ways to define the identities of the representative and data subject.

For the enforcement of the rights of data subjects, we politely request you to contact the data protection officer using the contacts mentioned in the 2nd point or the Group using the contacts mentioned in the 1st point.

7. Personal data storage period. We inform you that your personal data will be stored for 3 months from the end date of the candidate selection process. This term might be extended if personal data is used or can be used as evidence or a source of information in criminal proceedings or other investigations, including the State data inspection’s ongoing investigation, civil, administrative, penal case, or other specified cases. In such case, the personal data can be stored for as long as it is necessary for these data management purposes and deleted as soon as they are no longer required.

8. Making of automated decisions. We inform you that such data of yours will not be used for making automated decisions regarding you, including profiling.

9. Submission of appeals. We inform you that you have the right to appeal the Group’s actions (inaction) to the State data protection inspection and the court in the order that is specified in legal acts, as well as to appeal to the court about the actions (inaction) of the State data protection inspection.