Gas production and trade

The gas production and trade companies belonging to UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ operate in the segment of production and trade of natural, technical, welding, food, special gas and other products.

UAB Gaschema is a leading producer and developer of technical, welding, food-grade, special, and liquefied gases, as well as AZO Products and Lipalas products in Lithuania, other Baltic countries, and Scandinavia.

AB Gaschema Sweden located in Sweden engages in the production and trade of AdBlue and AUS-40 products These products are intended for the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish markets.

Operating in Latvia, SIA Gaschema provides the country’s market with technical, food-grade, and special gases, urea solution AdBlue, and ammonia water.

UAB Achema Gas Trade supplies natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) throughout Lithuania and other Baltic countries to industrial and energy entities that use natural gas in their operations.