Achemos Grupė to invest in offshore wind energy

As a result of the government adopting resolutions necessary for the development of offshore wind energy, Achemos Grupė has announced its plans to pursue active engagement in this field. The group intends to invest in a wind power plant park at the Baltic Sea and to build a wind power plant component factory in Klaipėda. The future plans include launching an engineering and technological maintenance service for land-based and offshore wind power plants operating at the Baltic Sea.

‘Renewable energy has always been one of Achemos Grupė’s strategic fields, in which we have been working for 24 years now and have a lot of experience. Group companies in Lithuania and abroad engage in generating electrical energy from renewable sources – mainly wind, but also sun and water to some extent. With green energy winds blowing over Europe, we see a lot of potential in this area both thanks to the EU’s support for renewable energy and the progress that is being made in Lithuania in this respect,’ said Nerius Jasinavičius, member of Achemos Grupė’s Board.

In the words of Mr Jasinavičius, the group has been nursing plans to build offshore wind power plants at the Baltic Sea for more than ten years now. Group company Renerga was one of the first in Lithuania to have engaged, in 2012, researchers from the Institute of Coastal Survey and Planning of Klaipėda University for the purposes of conducting a feasibility study to evaluate the environmental, technical, and technological possibilities to install offshore wind power plants in the Lithuanian economic zone at the Baltic Sea.

‘The study showed that the solutions of the masterplans of Klaipėda region and the towns of Klaipėda and Palanga favour the installation of offshore wind power plants, including their connection to the grid, and the available experience and resources would allow business to create a national culture of offshore wind energy, hi-tech jobs, and expand the volumes of exports in the long run. However, we have constantly ran into obstacles for a long time, which prevented us from undertaking any real work. Even after we filed a request to initiate a tender, we were told that the government is not authorised to do that, despite the laws specifically stipulating that, upon receipt of a request to initiate a tender procedure for the development of wind energy at the Baltic Sea, the government is obligated to do just that. At the time, the transparency of the development of offshore wind energy was in question and we had to put our plans on hold,’ said the Board member.

According to Mr Jasinavičius, after the government adopted resolutions necessary for the development of offshore wind energy and announced that tenders for the offshore development and operation of such plants would be organised in 2023, the group resumed its plans. The years of the group companies’ successful experience in energy and other industrial fields, such as engineering, repairs, and port logistics, have prompted the group to consider building an offshore energy component factory, in addition of making investments in the field. The process to establish a company that will tend to the implementation of this project is already underway.

‘The group’s stevedoring company, KLASCO, covers a vast territory of Smeltė Peninsula. Currently, these quays are not fit for stevedoring operations: they are unkempt and do not have the right depth to accept vessels. However, the territory of Smeltė Peninsula can accommodate a wind power plant component factory to serve both land-based wind power plant parks and those to be built at the Baltic Sea. We have already prepared preliminary business plans and are holding meetings with global leaders of this market, our potential partners,’ Mr Jasinavičius shared the company’s plans.

In his words, renewable energy is a consistent direction of Achemos Grupė’s development, and the available experience, knowledge, and investment opportunities will guarantee a successful implementation of this project.

Last year, the group’s renewable energy companies produced 162.4 thousand MWh of green energy in Lithuania, and another 144.5 thousand MWh abroad.

Achemos Grupė controls more than 50 companies in Lithuania and abroad operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Croatia.