Social responsibility

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The long-term business success is secured not only by profits, but also the ability to share. This is the approach adopted by UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ. Socially integrated business is one of the Concern’s operational priorities. Open communication with the public allows not only for better attuning to its needs, but also doing more than business is required to do.

UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ and its companies cooperate on an ongoing basis with education establishments by giving support to pupils, students, universities and schools. UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ has provided assistance to various cultural and social organisations, including children’s homes, museums, a number of other bodies and institutions.

The largest companies of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ take an active part in public, educational, charity and other projects, frequently also as their initiators. The partnership of the companies of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ with local residents quite often endures over decades.

Social partnership initiatives of the UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ:

Dr. Bronislovas Lubys Charity and Support Foundation

Seeking to continue patronage activities of the founder of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ Dr. Bronislovas Lubys, on the initiative of his wife Lidija Lubienė, his daughter Jūratė Žadeikienė and UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ the Dr. Bronislovas Lubys Charity and Support Foundation was established in 2013. Major attention and support of the Foundation goes to the areas which lack national funding, but still are very important for the prosperity of the country, i.e. science and education, art and culture.


  • EUR 770 thousand


From the moment of its founding Dr. Bronislovas Lubys Charity and Support Foundation has paid support amounting to EUR 770 thousand.

This year the Foundation allocated the major portion of its funds – EUR 70 thousand – to the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society, which is the biggest concern organiser in the country. Every year it hosts 300 to 400 concerts and fosters the culture of music in Lithuania. The support is granted to the 77th season of the Philharmonic Society; it shall be used to intensify cooperation with municipalities of Lithuanian towns and regions and to reach distant parts of the country that attract less cultural events.

“Dr. Bronislovas Lubys Charity and Support Foundation paid support amounting to EUR 770 thousand counting from the beginning of its operation.”

  • EUR 70 thousand


This year the Foundation has traditionally supported the international Mykolas Oginskis Festival in Plungė, uniting the intellectuals of the Samogitia region, with EUR 15 thousand. Also, the support of more than EUR 16 thousand went to various educational, historical, cultural and other projects.

  • EUR 30 thousand


This year the Foundation has also supported a number of care, social, education, culture and other institutions lacking attention of the state.

More information available on the website of the Foundation.

Social partnership in regions

Companies of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ create long standing tradition to take the lead in the areas of social responsibility and environmental protection. The companies of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ continue to invest in projects relating to nature conservation and seek to stay at the core of local communities by taking an active part in social activities and supporting cultural and sports events.

  • EUR 860,000


All employees at AB Achema are covered by voluntary health insurance. The company guarantees its employees supplementary payments and bonuses on the occasion of their anniversary, allowances in case of death of their family, compensations for academic leave and supports other social activities. At the only Lithuanian employer-owned health centre Achemos poliklinika employees have access to a free medical examination and dental care services.

In 2016, the company provided support of EUR 860 thousand for over 30 social, youth employment, cultural, and sports projects.

  • EUR 400,000


AB Klaipėdos jūrų krovinių kompanija (KLASCO) has allocated more than EUR 400,000 in support of communities and social organisations. The major part of the funds went to Klaipėda City Municipal Government and local communities. KLASCO offers continuous support to marine cultural events, such as the Sea Festival organised by Klaipėda City Municipal Government and the Great Sailboat Regatta, the Jazz festival, activities of the sports club “Audra”, and other initiatives.


The company Agrochema provides continuous support to agricultural festivals, events and initiatives in different regions of Lithuania. The most of the funds went to organisations in Jonava and other towns where agricultural centres Agromax (owned by Agrochema) run their business.



For a number of years the green energy producer Renerga has been specifically contributing to social welfare. One of the key operational principles of the company is preserving nature for the benefit of future generations. In this regard, Renerga actively cooperates with the population and communities by involving them in the environmental activities. One of the initiatives of Renerga that has become a nice tradition is a continuous project that involves children. This project, which started back in 2003, is aimed at the children from locations where power plants of Renerga are installed. Special events, such as summer camps and quizzes, are organised for the representatives of the young generation twice a year. The participants of both events learn about renewable energy, climate change challenges, and methods to respond to them. Each time pupils are given special creative tasks. For example, they look at renewable energy through a camera lens, simulate situations, create business plans or get involved in imitated governance processes.

„UN Global Compact“

In 2005, UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ accessed United Nations Global Compact network and also became the member of Global Compact Network Lithuania.

In 2013, UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ joined the Lithuanian Association of Socially Responsible Business (LAVA) and now operates in accordance with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact concerning the areas of human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption.