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Private Limited Liability Company koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ was established in 1994.

The history of ACHEMOS GRUPĖ began with the reorganisation of the nitrogen fertilisers production facility “Azotas” in Jonava into the public limited liability company “Achema”, which today is the largest company of the Group. Following the establishment of AB “Achema”, the Group started looking for new business opportunities in various areas, invested in a few state enterprises and searched for foreign markets. With the increase in the number of companies, business areas are also growing in number. In addition to industrial companies, the Group joined hotels, sugar confectionary, packaging production, repairs, designing, insurance, securities accounting and media undertakings. In June 1999, with the award in a tender, public limited liability company Klaipėdos jūrų krovinių kompanija (Klaipėda Stevedoring Company) (KLASCO) was privatised. The Group also revived the activity of the inter-war daily “Lietuvos žinios” and started developing projects for hydro power plants and wind farms.

Lithuania’s economy being increasingly associated with EU countries, it has become evident that only a single business system is capable of ensuring successful integration in the EU’s economic space. The moment has come for the companies to come under the umbrella of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ. A single business unit allowed for formulating a balanced and coherent philosophy of work, more effective application of quality standards and achieving operational synergy between companies.

Today, UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ is one of the largest Lithuanian national capital business groups uniting over 40 companies that operate in the chemicals industry, stevedoring and logistics, energy, hotels and other domains. Being at the core of the Group, fertilisers and agribusiness companies are surrounded by trading companies and companies functioning in the services sector. In 2015, unconsolidated income of the entire Group exceeded EUR 1.2 billion, which accounts for approximately 3% of the country’s GDP.  The Group’s companies employ nearly 4,800 persons.


  • EUR 1,225 billion

    The results of 2015 turned to be the best for both the whole Group and individual companies over a few recent years. Unconsolidated data show that the ACHEMOS GRUPĖ earned EUR 113 million and reached the turnover of EUR 1.225 billion.

  • In 2015 AB “Achema” marked its fiftieth anniversary. The company also launched a new workshop – a nitric acid unit (GP-2) – opened a new air separation unit, and began the production of liquefied gas.
  • renerga12
    UAB “Renerga” came out as a successful bidder at the auction for the allocation of 7.5 MW promotion quotas for producers using wind energy.
  • For the first time in their history, all companies comprising the Group prepared long-term five-year operational strategies geared towards improved efficiency, development and growth.
  • klasco
    KLASCO acquired a third tugboat KLASCO-3 and received the Successful Company 2015 Award of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for steady economic results.
  • A new three-star plus “Old Mill Conference” joined the hotels managed by UAB “Palangos vėtra”.


  • EUR 1,1 billion

    In 2014 the income of the entire Group exceeded EUR 1.1 billion.

  • The Group opened one of the most cutting-edge specialised terminals on the eastern Baltic coast  – Central Klaipėda Terminal designed to receive ro-ro, ro-pax and passenger ships.
  • rc1
    The streamlining of operations ended with the merger of several companies in the “Radiocentras” Group and moving away from lossmaking business that fails in synergy with other companies of the Group.
  • “Achema”, the biggest company in the Group, increased its turnover by nearly 4% and reached EUR 531 million of earnings. In 2014, as compared with 2013, the company boosted its production by 14%.
  • taure
    The Group’s companies “Achempak”, “Grand SPA Lietuva”, “Radiocentras” Group and “Liteximp” demonstrated the best results in their business history.


  • LTL 3,689 billion

    In 2013, the income of the entire Group reached LTL 3.689 billion.

  • The Board of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ approved the Group’s long-term development strategy in the following underlying areas of activity: fertilisers and agribusiness, stevedoring and logistics, and independent types of business (energy, wellness and accommodation services, repairs, media, etc.).
  • LTL 42 million

    “Achema” branch “Gaschema” began the construction of air separation unit for the production of liquefied technical gas and medical oxygen. Investment in the unit construction project will reach LTL 42 million.

“In order to abandon unviable business which does not create synergy effects, the Group launched a process streamlining its activities.”

  • “Agrochema” received the Award For Business Merits from the Ministry of Agriculture. It was nominated as the Leader of Innovative Solutions for liquid amide nitrogen fertilisers with magnesium and sulphur “Lyderis Mg + NS”.
  • iremas
    “Iremas” received the Successful Company Award of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists in the electronics and mechanical engineering sector.


  • An independent international board was formed to manage the Group.
  • LTL 11,5 million

    The four-star hotel “Dzūkija” was opened in Druskininkai and finalised the development of the state-of-the-art Lithuanian wellness complex  “Grand SPA Lietuva”. The investments in the hotel, which provides accommodation for totally 48 persons, amounted in LTL 11.5 million.

  • LTL 85 million

    The income of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ exceeded LTL 4.8 billion. Investments of more than LTL 85 million aimed at modernising companies and implementing smart management and process control solutions.

  • During the National Responsible Business Awards ceremony AB “Achema” was recognised as the Employer of the Year among the country’s major industrial companies.


  • The turnover of the Group’s companies reached LTL 4 billion and returned to its pre-crisis level (48% higher than that in 2010). It accounted for approximately 4% of Lithuania’s GDP. Allocations for investments amounted to LTL 115 million. These were basically were targeted at improving the Group’s competitiveness.
  • 100%

    “Achema” accomplished the construction of the 47 MW combined heat and power plant, which allowed the company to meet almost 100% of its power needs.

  • klasco
    With the investment of LTL 26 million, KLASCO extended the grain terminal and got prepared for another investment phase.
  • UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ lost its founder and President Dr. Bronislovas Lubys.


  • The Group’s earnings reached LTL 2.75 billion, or roughly 3% of Lithuania’s GDP, while the profit before taxes amounted to LTL 88.7 million. The significant portion of the funds went for investments. One of the largest investment projects was the construction of the 47 MW combined heat and power plant on the site of the company “Achema”.

“KLASCO increased its competitive capacity by acquiring two modern tugboats.”

  • vejom
    “Renerga” extended its wind farm in Benaičiai, Kretinga District, by installing new 34 МW wind plants. As a result, the Group had the control over the largest and most powerful wind farm in both Lithuania and in the Baltic region.


  • LTL 3 billion

    The Group’s income amounted to LTL 3 billion, accounting for 3.1% as the share of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ in Lithuania’s DGP.

  • socv
    “Achema” was recognised as the Environment-Friendly Company of the Year and received the National Responsible Business Award.
  • The company “Achema” completed the LTL 0.5 billion investment programme. Nearly one third of the funds was allocated for technologies reducing environmental pollution.
  • LTL 70 million

    The start of construction of the Klaipėda Passenger And Cargo Terminal was announced. Investments planned with regard to the new terminal amounted to LTL 70 million.

  • gran
    The „Grand SPA Lietuva“ spas in Druskininkai underwent reconstruction as part of the largest Baltic geothermal heating project. Investments for this purpose amounted to LTL 6 million.


  • LTL 298 million

    The income of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ was LTL 5 billion, or 4.5% of Lithuania’s GDP. The Group invested more than LTL 298 million in the development of different areas of its business.

  • The Group came out as a successful bidder at the auction concerning the lease of the 39.7 ha land plot located in Mockava, Lazdijai District, and launched an industrial park project. It also established UAB “Mockavos terminalas”, which is the operator of the terminal to be built.
  • magnus
    The Magnus Hotel, a modern and comfortable three-star economy-class hotel, opened its doors at the heart of Kaunas.


  • LTL 346 million

    The incme of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ amounted to LTL 3.7 billion, while investments reached LTL 346 million.

  • 16 MW

    The new 16 MW wind farm started to operate in Benaičiai, Kretinga District.

  • KLASCO was awarded with the main prize of the Lithuanian Logistics Association for achievements in the area of logistics.

“AB “Achema” commissioned a new ammonia shop with 550,000 tons of the annual production capacity.”

  • grandsppa
    The Group acquired one of the largest Lithuanian health resorts “Lietuva” (now “Grand SPA Lietuva”) in Druskininkai.


  • LTL 456 million

    The income of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ amounted to LTL 2.5 billion, and investments reached LTL 456 million.

  • The International Count Ogiński Festival in Samogitia was revitalised and started receiving support.

“The Helsinki Commission, which is responsible for the Baltic marine environment protection, deleted “Achema” from the list of “hot spots”.”


  • LTL 331 million

    The income of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ amounted to LTL 2.1 billion, while investments equalled LTL 331 million.

  • rou
    The Group initiated a joint environmental project involving the largest Lithuanian industries – AB “Achema”, AB “Lifosa” and AB “Mažeikių nafta”. In the long run, it turned into the active initiative “Žalioji karta” (The Green Generation) promoting educational and environmental activity for pupils and the youth.
  • grudai
    UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ established the company “Žemaitijos grūdai” and the Estonia-based company “Agrochema Eesti”, which provides agricultural trading and integrated services.
  • zipfm
    The radio station RC 2 owned by the Group changed the name as started functioning as ZIP FM.


  • LTL 1,4 billion

    Earnings of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ amounted to LTL 1.4 billion.

  • In cooperation with Belgian partners, AB “Achema” established the joint venture “Fertigent”, which controls the liquid fertilisers terminal built at the port of Gent. At the time, this was the largest investment of Lithuanian capital in Belgium.


  • LTL 1,2 billion

    The income of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ amounted to LTL 1.2 billion.

  • iremas
    The reorganisation of the Group’s company “Iremas” was finalised. UAB “Letenerga” and UAB “Eletesta”, previously independent companies, now formed part of UAB “Iremas”.

“AB “Achema” opened the reconstructed carbamide shop and increased the carbamide production capacity by 75%.”


  • LTL 801,2 million

    The income of UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ amounted to LTL 801.2 million.

  • iso
    KLASCO implemented an environmental management system, which is in line with the ISO 14001 requirements.
  • The Group established the private limited liability company “Budrus sakalas” to provide physical security services for large industrial and logistics facilities, hotels, clubs, construction sites and private areas.
  • 1,5 MW

    The 1.5 MW hydro power plant was built in Kavarskas. It was equipped with special passages allowing fish to access the spawning ground – Virinta, the tributary of Šventoji.

  • vetra
    The building of the hotel “Palangos vėtra” in Palanaga was renovated and expanded.


  • achemko
    UAB koncernas ACHEMOS GRUPĖ was established.
  • AB “Achema” received the 31st international award for commercial prestige (New Millennium Award, Spain), the 29th international award for quality (New Millennium Award, Germany) and the Lithuanian Exporters’ Prize.
  • AB “Achema” began the implementation of the programme the main axes of which include the manufacturing of new fertilisers, increasing of the range of fertilisers, modernisation of existing workshops, generation of own green power and reduction of energy consumption.
  • UAB “Projektų centras”, the company providing investment, engineering and consultancy services, started its operations.